2018 GANJ Meeting Registration

Register for the 2018 Annual Conference and Field Trip being held October 19-20, 2018.

This year's meeting registration includes:

  • One print copy of the XXXV GANJ Guidebook (additional (extra) copies may be ordered during the registration process); 
  • Admission to the Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial on Friday, October 19th;
  • Attendance at Conference on Friday, October 19th;
  • Attendance at Cocktail Hour on Friday, October 19th;
  • Admission to the Freedom Elite on Saturday, October 20th; 
  • Food and drinks on the Freedom Elite on Saturday, October 20th; and 
  • One-year membership in GANJ (expires the day before GANJ 2019).

Registration is $140 for Professionals, $90 for Student, if received before October 1st. After October 1st, the Professional rate will increase to $150, the Student rate to $100. Students must provide evidence of current student status to qualify for the discounted rate.

If Professional Registration is selected, professional development certificates are available. If a certificate of attendance is desired, please note this with your registration.

Following the Conference/Cocktail Hour on Friday, October 19th, all registered attendees are invited to dinner at The Victor Pub, Camden Waterfront, NJ. Attendance and payment for dinner will be handled by each attendee personally; dinner is NOT part of this year's conference registration. However, we ask that those planning to attend indicate this fact while registering so that we can provide the restaurant with a head count as early as possible.  


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Price $140.00